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Armaiti Black Durga Sari


Pure, handspun, handwoven, 150 count, 3 ply khadi cotton jamdani with zari jamdani work.

When freedom rose like a phoenix from the ashes of society’s shackles, the symbols of Shakti united to create the fierce yet benevolent Rumi’s Durga. Fine handwoven Jamdani in black with detailing like fireflies on a new moon night: intricate zari and a red layered selvedge followed by a vintage jamdani border on one end and little buttas of red, detailed like drops of alta. The anchal comes elaborated with our abstract Durga, glowing in matte zari and her defining elements, adorned to be the true treasure it is.

Handwoven in the looms of West Bengal, 6.5 metres of fine cotton with intricate layered details of red and gold on black, conceived out of true artistry of mind and the hands that weave it.

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Care: Dry clean only.

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