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Kusum Rohra


I love the comfortable fuss free silouhettes of Bhomra's dresses. Also, I adore adore adore the super soft fabrics that I can live in all day and night, the elegance and grace of jamdani.
I also work with Bhomra as a stockist at my store Timri in Bangalore and all of our customers are big fans of this label too.

Manjari Mukherjee


Delicate sophistication in pastel shades. Cut for office wear and perky wear. I've worn them in the chic lanes of Paris and also in the chrome foyers Bangalore's electronic city. If you are looking for style with substance, look no more.
Now Sriparna is my family more than a friend in no time because of her warmth and sincerity. She understands my needs and caters to all my nakras. To the extent that I need the same fabric again and again. Some friends will relate to my reference other than Sriparna too.

Nandini Chakravarty


Beautiful concept and the dresses are out of a roopkawtha ... fairy tale

Parama Ghosh


Beautiful designs. Tina is a warm soul who infuses her goodness in her clothes too. Highly recommend.

“After a seven-year-long corporate stint, I felt the need to move closer to my heart. To a place called home. Kolkata. And there I was… back to those familiar lanes. To ramshackle ‘Mishtanna Bhandars’ (sweet shops), and endless walks down roads that smelt of beguni or egg rolls, chowmien and biryani. To classic movies, bazaars, craftspeople. To the smell of old books and sun shine on well preserved sharis. To sifting through Dida’s almari that smelt of napthalene.  A smell that only equates to memories tinged in sepia.”

“That’s when Bhomra fluttered its wings.”

“The craftsmanship of the weavers, forever inspired by nature, was central to the birth of the idea of Bhomra—the adventurous little bumbling bee. It was also born from my desire to celebrate Taant by bringing its unassuming elegance, lightness and simplicity back into our everyday lives, while also introducing these fine weaves to others with appreciation for such artistry.”

“As the idea gathered momentum, so did our community of well-wishers who embraced it, appreciated the concept, admired the fabric, and celebrated the novel thought that they could now wear Taant or Dhakai in different avatars.”

–  Sriparna Ray