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Stories of Taant

Love taant and dhakai? Why wear them as just a sari?

Many women love, admire, and collect Taant, Dhakai, Tangails, from both Banglas. Some wear them while some don’t get around to draping these gorgeous creations as saris. And then again, there are many who are unacquainted with these woven splendors.

Bhomra brings these weaves in an avatar that would marry more people to these fabrics irrespective of their age, geographies, language. So, women can wear and enjoy these fabrics in more forms than just the sari.

As everyday wear. As festive wear. On a regular day. On a special day. On any day.

The uniqueness is in seeing these traditional weaves in a new avatar. A laal-shaada taant in the form of a short vintage dress!

The Bhomra look is a modern take on what is vintage yet timeless. Like an Uttam-Suchitra starrer. They are eternal and will never go out of style.