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Anahita White Joba Sari


Pure, handspun, handwoven, 150 count, 2 ply khadi cotton jamdani with zari jamdani work.

The quintessential Bengali laal paar-shada sharee falls in love with the flower representing feminine power at its very best. A unique daughter is born out of the warp and weft of handspun Jamdani with large motifs of Jabaphool/Hibiscus floating in red and golden. The entirety of the sari is framed by a sleek red selvedge. She is empowered and empathetic all together like Rumi’s Durga.

Handwoven painstakingly in the looms of West Bengal, all 6.5 metres come adorned with blossoms of jamdani hibiscus, for the Rumi’s Durga in all of us.

Sold Out!


Care: Dry clean only.

Delivery: Product will be dispatched after 25 days of the order being placed.

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