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Get summer ready in these classic, handwoven, jamdani Bhomra dresses that feel like second skin



Celebrate your unique journey with our extra weft hand weaves



Telling enchanting stories through exquisite border jamdani art.


Taant Tales

Bring Bengal's timeless 'taant' with its exquisite border art into your wardrobe with these Bhomra staples.



Breathe easy in these luxurious, soft, jamdani drapes for the summer.



Vintage taant weaves brought back to life.



Delicate lavender, vintage lace, and intricate dhakai jamdani weave, all seamlessly come together.



Recreating yesteryear's memory and weave.



Bringing back the sari weave in different avatars.



Purest handwoven jamdani on taant, of fabrics that let you breathe.


Time warp (and weft)

Of taant and many other Bangla weaves we know as sarees, reimagined.


Tales of Taant

Bhomra celebrates taant and other Bangla weaves found in the sari form, into our everyday wardrobes in the form of modern, stylish, comfortable clothing.

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Story of the bumbling bee


After a seven-year-long corporate stint, I felt the need to move closer to my heart. To a place called home. Kolkata. And there I was… back to those familiar lanes. To ramshackle ‘Mishtanna Bhandars’ (sweet shops), and endless walks down roads that smelt of beguni or egg rolls, chowmien and biryani. To classic movies, bazaars, craftspeople. To the smell of old books and sun shine on well preserved sharis. To sifting through Dida’s almari that smelt of napthalene. A smell that only equates to memories tinged in sepia. That’s when Bhomra fluttered its wings.

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Every memory served and continues to serve as an inspiration. The craftsmanship of the weavers, who are forever inspired by nature, gave birth to the idea of Bhomra—the adventurous little bumbling bee.


Small Scale Production

Planet Conscious

Each of our creations has a tale to tell.
One that’s as beautiful and unique as you.